about digits

digits.gg is an online car and motorbike number plate (registration plate) valuation service in Guernsey. it also provides historical information about number plate prices.

At the moment, digits is assessing Guernsey car number plates only. in the future motorbikes and Jersey / Alderney plates will be included.

how it works

a bunch of 'rules' have been defined that describe all the aspects of a numeric number plate that make it interesting. all the common things are covered... length, doubles, triples, sequences etc. and a lot of uncommon things. there are currently around 30 rules, with more being added. these rules are used to derive a 'score' for a number plate, which then in conjunction with historic prices (e.g., from auctions) it is used to derive valuations for all number plates.

it's some pretty complex maths/algorithm/skynet stuff going on but hopefully it's pretty close.


the site uses the scores derived from the rules in conjunction with known sale prices. the problem with this is that sale prices are tremendously variable and will rarely adhere to the rules. someone might just love a number and be prepared to pay a premium for it. this is human nature but in statistics is a nightmare - ultimately prices can get skewed (up and down) but also result in a curious position whereby a higher rated plate is valued at less than a lower one!

to counter this, the site use, in simplest terms, a smoothing algorithm, that ultimately tries to see off the highs and lows of real data to paint a better picture of the world - that is that there's a positive correlation between the rating and the value. i don't like throwing away any data... but in some cases you have to. For that reason 007's sale price is excluded from the valuations!

useful info & links

Switching / retaining a number: Guernsey : Jersey

by the way...

this is a hobby project, run for a bit of a fun. we'd love to know what you think of it and any thoughts or ideas on how to improve it. if there are any bugs or other issues, please let us know so they can be fixed.

why is this reg more valuable than that reg? the system uses a set of rules to determine characteristics about a reg that are likely to make it more valuable. some of these characteristics are highly subjective. furthermore, there may be some bizarre number that is very special to an individual that is of no obvious value to anyone else. new rules are being added all the time and as new price data becomes available the valuations will improve. You can help improve the system by providing feedback using the 'Feedback' button. the valuation is too high / too low quite possibly. the valuation uses a combination of rules that determine the desirability of a number. it then compares this against a range of known sale prices to determine a valuation. there are some prices in the system that defy all rules. 007 is a pretty good example. No system would have predicted that sale price! You can help improve the system by providing feedback using the 'Feedback' button. what price type is shown? at the moment, all price data is from and courtesy of Martel Maides auction results (thanks!) these prices do not include auction fees nor transfer fees. thus they are a true price but auction prices may fluctuate (up and down) from a private sale price. in simplest terms, the valuation stated should only be used as a guide! i've provided price data but the valuation hasn't changed? all price data submitted is moderated first. updates to valuations occur nightly. if there are no new prices, then valuations won't change. someone has claimed a reg I own! hopefully not, but if that does happen, please contact us with the details. how do i buy a reg I am interested in? the system will soon support this. in the meantime, if the reg has not been claimed, then you can register your interest in it. if the reg has already been claimed, then please contact us, and we will see about putting you in touch with the owner. how do i change my account details? this is coming soon. i forgot my password! automatic password change is coming soon. in the meantime, please contact us. got a question not answered? please contact us.