Update: November 2021

Please note the data and the valuations on the site are currently quite very out of date. I feel bad as it's been languishing for a while but the madness of the last couple of years has interfered. I have been trying to decide whether to keep the site going or not... still mulling it over.

This includes the number plates that are advertised for sale here - please exercise extreme caution when using.

I have left the site up for now for interest whilst I decide what to do.

Any thoughts or words of encouragement would be welcomed..?

Buying registration numbers

If you are interested in buying a number plate, a reliable method for this are at the periodic Martel Maides auctions. More info and list of sales (and past results) is here.

If you do intend to buy privately, we offer an anonymous brokerage service to ensure a safe and fair deal. Please contact for more details.


digits.gg is an online car number plate (registration plate) valuation service in Guernsey. it also provides historical information about number plate prices. at the moment, digits is assessing Guernsey car number plates only. in the future motorbikes will be included. find out more about the valuation service

we'd love to know what you think so with any comments, queries, abuse or advertising enquiries, please contact us.

number plate valuations

Use the digit-o-meter™, to find number plate valuations for Guernsey cars and motorbikes.

007, 1, 2, 666, 69, 7, 3, 10, 9, 999, 911, 1111, 4, 5, 11, 8, 1234, 123, 3538, 4709, 111, 13, 6, 12, 12345, 11111, 100, 21, 77, 888, 777, 01, 420, 101, 36, 0, 5554, 1000, 001, 14, 88, 99, 2438, 80085, 20, 17, 1998, 10009, 22, 15,